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A Hero of Kindness

After Mrs.Demling’s trip to D.C., she introduced us to a kindness activist. Houston Kraft is his name, and he travels the country giving speeches on kindness. We thought what he was doing is great and we knew we wanted to learn more on him. His message and work to “Make Kindness Normal” makes him a hero.

Nick as Houston Kraft:

When Mrs. Demling told us about our Hero Wax Museum, my mind was thinking who should I be? Should I be a military hero? A sports player? I even asked my mom, and she said, “Well Nick, you can be who you want to be.” Then it came to me, I was going to be Houston Kraft!. When Mrs. Demling asked for of final choice I asked if I could be Houston Kraft and she said, “Yes you can, absolutely! “ She ended up tweeted out who I chose and Houston Kraft replied.  Then Will asked Mrs. Demling if he could join in.  She said yes and I was ok that someone else was using my idea. I knew that the teachers were spreading kindness but coming from students they would be like, “Hey this guy is really cool, maybe I could be like him.”

The next few weeks, we started to work on the Wax Museum. We wrote a 5 paragraph essay with reasons why Houston should be considered a hero. When the day came, I got all my stuff for Houston Kraft put it on and went to my star. Then parent started to come and I gave my speech, “Hi my name is Houston Kraft, and I’m considered a hero by many. I am most know for going to schools and teaching kids about kindness.  I am most proud of CharacterStrong and I’m honored to be known as a hero.” I said it so many times I could say it without looking. Then Mrs. Pavia came to record my speech, a wave of fear rose over me! If Houston Kraft would see me what would he think of me?

Will as Houston Kraft:

I knew that this was my chance to learn more on Houston Kraft. So when I heard we needed to research him I decided I want to be him. I was excited to ask Mrs.Demling if I could be Houston Kraft. I knew Nick already wanted to be Houston Kraft, but I asked anyway. People in my class didn't think there should be two Houston Krafts, but Mrs. Demling agreed and said I could be Houston, too. I knew he was a hero and I’d been working on my three reasons and my ideas all weekend. Then when it was time to write the essay, and I knew I was ready.

My notebook ended up overflowed with stickys. All week Nick and I looked up more and more about him. We had to dig really deep to find some of the information we needed. As soon as it started, the week was over and it was time for the wax museum. After my five paragraph essay and all my research,  I knew I would be ready for the wax museum and I already had most of my speech memorized. When the day of the wax museum came, I knew that I was gonna rock it. I have a “Make Kindness Normal” shirt and I wore jeans; I knew that I was looking a lot like him. When the people came up and stepped on my button I began my speech, “Hi my name is Houston Kraft and I am considered a hero by many,” I began. Finally, after restating that a couple dozen times I had it 100% memorized, “I am honored to have left a legacy and be known as a hero,” I finished. I was taken into a separate room for Mrs. Pavia to record me.

After it was all over, I felt like I changed the world just by being Houston Kraft and giving a short speech and telling about the real hero. I hope someone went home and googled Houston Kraft and he changed their life, too.

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